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  6. Malta Passes Blockchain Bills Into Law, ‘Confirming Malta as the Blockchain Isla
  7. EU Unveils ‘Enabling Framework’ For Blockchain And Fintech, Wants To Be ‘Global
  8. UK Medical Group Partners With Blockchain Platform For Medical Records For Pilot
  9. Sierra Leone Uses Blockchain To Track Election Results, Swiss Company Provides E
  10. Huawei’s Patent For Blockchain-Based System To Protect Intellectual Property Unv
  11. Energy Sector Invests $300 Million In Blockchain In Past Year
  12. Cryptocurrency, ICO and Blockchain Officially Added to the Dictionary
  13. Vienna University of Technology to Launch Multi-Blockchain Transfer System
  14. 61 Japanese Banks Tap Ripple Blockchain Consumer Payments App
  15. Coinbase to Launch its First Crypto Index Fund
  16. Swedish Government Land Registry Soon To Conduct First Blockchain Property Trans
  17. GE Transportation Joins Global Blockchain Transport Alliance
  18. European Commission To Release Bloc-Wide Blockchain Framework, Says Draft Docume
  19. Russia: Blockchain Will Be Used To Protect 2018 Presidential Exit Poll Data
  20. BMW ‘Is Working With’ Another Blockchain Firm, This Time To Track Cobalt, Report
  21. Blockchains Must Have Centralized Foundation: Chinese Regulator
  22. South Korea’s Largest Messaging App Plans Blockchain Unit with ICO Launch
  23. Chinese Politician Suggests a State Blockchain Assets Trading Platform
  24. GE Transportation Joins Global Blockchain Trade Association
  25. Popular S. Korean Chat App Operator Kakao To Launch Blockchain Subsidiary
  26. Russian Vice-Minister: Government Needs Blockchain Platform Focused On Stability
  27. Chinese Retail Giant To Use Blockchain To Track Beef, Prove Food Safety
  28. Chinese E-Commerce Giant JD Launches Blockchain Accelerator
  29. HSBC Nears Blockchain Deployment for Live Financial Transactions
  30. Offshore Tax Haven Marshall Islands to Issue National Cryptocurrency
  31. Starbucks Could Serve Up a Blockchain Payments App
  32. Taiwan’s New Central Bank Chief Talks Blockchain for Payments
  33. ECB Unveils Instant Payment System, Claims It’s ‘Better’ than Blockchain
  34. China’s State Media & Largest Newspaper Lauds Blockchain Technology
  35. Singapore Inks FinTech, Blockchain Pact with Indian State Government
  36. Blockchain Technology and Data: Identity, Storage, Exchange
  37. California Millennial Assembly-Member Pushes Bill to Recognize Blockchain
  38. Blockchain Projects Come Together to Launch Ethereum Community Fund
  39. Australian University Launches Nation’s First Open Blockchain Course
  40. ‘Disruptive’ Blockchain Tech Requires Rapid Adaptation: India’s Prime Minister
  41. Visa: We’re Not to Blame for Coinbase Overcharges
  42. Blockchain Tech Can ‘Change the World’, Says South Korea’s Finance Minister
  43. Annual Blockchain Cruise Sails Over Choppy Bitcoin Waters in Asia
  44. As Critical Elections Approach, African Youths Gaining Political Voice
  45. First Government Blockchain Implementation For Russia
  46. App Stores of Future Will Be Based on Blockchain, Promote Transparency
  47. France Will Allow Blockchain Platforms For Trading Securities
  48. IOTA Interview: “Trust Systems Are Absolutely Pivotal” Today
  49. Apple Patent Filing Hints at Blockchain Use
  50. Job Opportunities in Blockchain in 2018